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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous accidents on the road as the riders’ body is exposed during a collision allowing for little to no protection. The impact of a head-on collision can be deadly and life-changing for motorcycle riders. Finding the right local motorcycle accident attorney is key.

Motorcycle Accident Medical Recovery

With the increased likelihood of severe long-term injuries and lack of protection, it is important that after an accident, the first thing you consider is your health. Anytime you’re in a motorcycle accident, you should make your health a priority and see a doctor immediately after. Visiting a medical professional can make you aware of temporary or permanent injuries that you may not even know about.

Some severe injuries may include:

  • Spinal Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Brain or Head Injuries
  • Nerve Damage
  • Dismemberment

Many injuries after a motorcycle accident may heal over time, but severe injuries can be life-changing. Head injuries can lead to long-term cognitive impairment making day-to-day activities challenging, adversely affecting the victim’s career, relationships, and overall quality of life. 

The Financial Burden of Motorcycle Accidents

Getting into a motorcycle accident can take a tremendous toll on your finances. From medical bills, property damage, caretaker expenses, and leave of absence. Bills can start piling up causing stress and worry during your recovery process. Costs can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some bills recurring depending on the state of your health. Spinal injuries can cause the rider to become paralyzed adding to the lifelong cost of medical expenses.  

Long-term costs may include:

  • Prescription medication
  • At Homecare
  • Routine Check-ups
  • Medical equipment (wheelchairs, ramps, etc.)

At Rene Frederick and Associates, we take on the financial burden allowing you to focus on your recovery and getting the help you need. If you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident, contact us today to get the help deserve.

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