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Sometimes, car crashes change lives due to the traumatic injuries caused – and that’s not fair to an innocent victim of the crash. Most car crashes, however, are often preventable.  Unfortunately, many drivers take driving for granted and drive carelessly due to inattention, inexperience, rushing from place to place, texting, and/or intoxication or impairment. When you’ve been the victim of another driver’s reckless driving, many questions arise regarding Louisiana law, medical coverage, and insurance. Our Injury Attorneys have been serving Louisiana for years, giving victims of car accidents the answers they need to focus on their recovery, mentally, physically, and financially.

At RFA Law, our attorneys were voted the best law firm on the Northshore by Sophisticated Women magazine, with over 70 years of combined courtroom experience. From car shop repairs to rental cars, to medical treatment for injuries, and insurance coverage, we’ll handle your case from start to finish, as we’ve done thousands of times before, so that all of your questions are answered and you can focus on recovery.


There is a high probability that you’ll be involved in some type of car accident. The average person will be in 3 to 4 car accidents in their lifetime. Knowing what to do after an accident will help you protect your rights.

Under Louisiana law, you cannot leave the scene of an accident and you should move off the roadway to reduce the risk of further accidents if you can do so safely. If someone is injured, immediately call 911. But always contact law enforcement and make a report of the crash.  Keep in mind, it’s very common for injuries to manifest days or even weeks after a collision, so it is wise to go to the hospital or your primary physician immediately after the event.  Before leaving the scene, be sure to exchange information with the other drivers involved and get an accident report item number from law enforcement.

When you speak with law enforcement about the accident, tell him or her how the accident happened as clearly and simply as you can.  Car accidents usually occur in the blink of an eye and both parties may not have a full understanding of why or how the accident happened until after the investigation by law enforcement.

After tending to your injuries, contact RFALaw immediately.

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